2019 3rd Annual AR/VR Symposium Recap

April 12, 2019
Sutardja Dai Hall Berkeley, CA 94720
9AM - 4PM

About the Event

The Vive Center hosted the 3rd Annual AR/VR Symposium on April 12, 2019 at Sutardja Dai Hall at UC Berkeley. The event included various talks on AR/VR applications in different industries and their challenges where attendees were able to learn how the technology was applied in architecture, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and various forms of entertainment including video games and movies.

We also wanted to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our speakers, organization committee members, HTC, and our members for continuing to support the Center’s goals and research. Please see below for an attached agenda and presentations.

The Vive Center’s goals continue to sponsor critical fundamental research and high impact applications in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. We aim to achieve these goals by offering seed grants and facilitating student research activities to foster external industry partnerships. To that end, we wanted to congratulate the center’s 2019 Seed Grant Recipients and their proposals:

2019 Seed Grant Recipients

Ren Ng

EECS Professor, UC Berkeley

Proposal: Oz Vision

Luisa Caldas

Director of the Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory at UC Berkeley

Proposal: Generative Dynamic Design for Augmented and Virtual Interfaces

Kathryn Quigley

Senior Media Producer and Director of Inventor’s Lab at Lawrence Hall of Science.

Proposal: Understanding Accessibility for Youth and Design Principles for Virtual Learning Experiences

We are thrilled to announce that Kathryn Quigley will be joining our team of leading researchers at the Vive Center. Kathryn continues to innovate the field of educational science media by collaborating with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. Her focus is to engage our youth kids and take a systematic approach to developing new STEM virtual learning experiences!

Agenda and Presentations


Luisa Caldas
XR Maps of Berkeley - Immersive Environments in Higher Education
Bjoern Hartmann
A Roadmap for AR/VR Applications and Interactive Technologies
Joe Menke
Large Scale Augmented and Virtual Reality in Structured Environments
Jack Gallant
Non-Invasive Human Brain Measurement for AR/VR Application
Kenny Mitchell
Intermediated Reality
Mike Zyda
An R&D Agenda for Games and VR
Brian Pene
XR in Design, Make, and Use
Stephen Gilbert
Eight Critical Needs for Personalized and Adaptive VR/AR: Results of an NSF Workshop
Ren Ng
Oz Vision